About Alexandre

Alexandre grew up in Samarkand a country famous for its architectural landmarks and home to some of the world’s greatest poets. From his childhood years Alexandre loved art. He graduated from one the finest art schools of the country.

In 1994 Alexandre and his family set out to a new country with hopes for a better life for his family. Having no English speaking experience, Alexandre landed his first job as a kitchen hand. After a few years he was promoted to apprentice for the very popular Kosher catering company Red Tomato.

Alexandre now had tow passions Art and Food.

In 2001 Alexandre resaved an offer to design a Moroccan restaurant. After completing the project Alexandre was amazed at the beauty of Moroccan cultures, so he and his two sons set out to Morocco.

When returning Alexandre was amazed with the rich beauties of the country and the delicious exotic foods.

In 2007 with the support of his family Alexandre took up a project to design and run his own restaurant. Alexandre put in a lot of time heart and effort to design an Asian/Arabic styled atmosphere. He invited to traditional Moroccan chefs who him met on his trip to Morocco, who specialise in traditional Moroccan cousins.

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