Lunch Menu

Vegetarian Anti Pasto       15.90
Plata (for two)
Selections of marinated & roasted
gourmet mixed olives & vegetables.
Served with pide bread.

Soup of the day       12.90
Served w/warm Turkish bread.

Armenian Hash       14.90

Ukrainain Borsch       12.90
Beef, cabbage, beetroot
& vegetable soup.

Bissara Dip       9.90

Saffron Rice       4.90

Jewish Dumplings       21.90
Home made dumpling with
potato & caramelised onion.
Served with caramelised
onion or cream

Russian Meat       22.90
or Chicken Dumpling

Home made meat or chicken
dumpling served with soup
cream or vinegar.

Merguez Sausages       15.90
Homemade Spicy Merguez Sausages
served with sweet chickpea ragout.

Ashkenazi       22.90
Cabbage Rectangles

Stuffed cabbage with beef,
rice, onions gently roasted
in tomato sauce.

Meat Ball Tagine       22.90
Tasty lean meat balls simmered
in a spicy tomato sauce, green
peas, onion & garlic.

Fez Chicken Tagine       25.90
Chicken marinated in authentic
Moroccan spices with onion, green
olives, saffron & preserved lemon.

Vegetarian Tagine       18.90
Selection of seasonal vegetables
gently cooked with olive oil,
fresh herbs & saffron tread.

Sephardi Fish Tagine       26.90
Rissoles of salmon & king fish
simmered with Sephardi sauce
& veges in fish stock.

Central Asian Banquet

Set Menu 1 /$29.00 per person All prices include GST

Asian vegetarian mezze plate

Jellied lamb

Meat plates

Salads and pickled vegetables


Special Moroccan Banquet


Baraka mezze

Assortment of marinated roasted vegetables, blended w/aromatic spices and daily homemade dips.
Served with pile of Turkish bread.

Merguez Sausages

Char grilled homemade spicy merguez sausages. Served w/sweet chickpea ragout.

Jellied Lamb

Fresh lamb feet and leg pieces gently boiled in aspic w/vegetables. Serve w/garlic, carrots.

Meat Ball tajine

Tasty lean meat balls, simmered in a spicy tomato sauce, green peas, onion and garlic.

Atlas Chicken tajine

Chicken marinated in authentic Moroccan blend. Cooked w/onion green olives, saffron & preserved lemon.

Sahara Side Dish

Saffron Rice

Moroccan Date Pudding

    Shared Banquet min 4 person/ $29.00 per person.   All prices include GST 10% deposit required when booking is confirmed.

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